In today's building industry, Not all builders are created equal, even with qualifications and licensing, even the building code.

How many sob stories do we still hear, lots? A lot of this is due to people's price shopping, which is understandable due to the high cost of building.

Nearly all franchise builders maximise profits by doing

  • The bare minimum building code building practice
  • Cheapest quote tradesman
  • using sub inferior product
  • Issuing low-cost contracts to builders, of whom have to pump it out to make a dollar, which means less care

Above standard insulation

High-quality double glazing, not cheap imported glass

Treated plywood flooring

4x2 framing throughout

Stainless nails to exterior fixing

Quality sub-trades only

Enamel paints only, small nap rollers= very flat high-quality finish

Minimal joins in plaster

We issue you with budgets for your kitchen, floorings, and bath-ware, so you can shop around and get what you want 


Minimum standard insulation

Maybe using cheap imported glazing? Not as clear as English made glass

Partical board flooring ( Weetbix)

3x2 internal framing

Galv Nails still used

Using cheapest quotes for trades

Acrylic paints, big nap rollers to hide defects

Using every scrap of plasterboard

They tell you what you can have in terms of kitchen, floorings, and bath-ware, not a lot of flexibility, isn't it your house?